Madison is a unique place that's been described as 77 square miles surrounded by reality. Madison doesn't have a Space Needle, a Golden Gate Bridge or a Miracle Mile. What it does have is a quirky, vibrant vibe. We designed a system that captured the eccentricity and vibrancy of the Madison scene. 


Madison's airport code is MSN and while airport codes have been used in place branding before, we did something more interesting that just put it on luggage tags by reimagining all the things that MSN stands for. Want to talk about restaurants? "Must Scarf Noms." Want to talk about eclectic shopping? "Mundane Said Nobody." 

We created stickers that the Visitors Bureau could put on shops and points of interest and made the each connect to an augmented reality experience. 

The voice of the brand became more vibrant and pithy than other place-based communication. We created an Alexa skill that used the unique voice to give suggestions on what to visit in Madison. 

A video that was created for the Madison Chamber of Commerce. 

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