Koch Foods (pronounced "Cook") is a maker of premium chicken products to restaurants. If you've had a chicken nugget, it's probably from Koch. They wanted to energize the brand by moving to the consumer world. We redesigned their packaging, retooled the website and after some deep consumer research came up with an organizing idea called "Momming" which recognizes the modern world of parenting. In a world where moms and dads are guilted with organic messages and told how many ways they're doing it wrong, we wanted to remind them that sometimes getting chicken strips on the table is great parenting. 


Momming is "Realizing this is your circus these are you monkeys." Momming is "Signing up for a sport, then hoping the game gets cancelled." Momming is "20% loving your kids and 80% loving for their shoes." Basically, Momming is being okay with the doing your best. 

We even got "tastier" in there for the client. 

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