Here is some of my work from previous years that has won awards.

SBC (one of the baby Bells) asked us to create a spot for the Olympics that showed all of their products. We chose to tell a nice story. 

When Target launched Super Target, we just wanted to tell the truth: Sometimes you just need a bigger Target. 

Before the iphone (hey, that was only 2008) there was this thing called "Call Waiting." This spot dramatizes why you need it. It won a Clio,, Cannes and a DGA award. 

The very first day I came to the agency as Executive Creative Director I met with the CMO of Toro who screened several spots and asked me if I thought they were worth the half million apiece they cost. Frankly, they were junior team work and I said so. He told me if we couldn't do a good snow thrower spot for 150K we were fired. This is the spot that kept the business. Two things: always tell the truth to clients even when it hurts. And don't assign your best client to a junior team. 

Pfizer was launching a new flea and tick product for dogs and cats. Rather than a talking dog or other silly things, we decided to leverage the emotion of being a "pet parent." 

Adams-Research shows.jpg

What do you do when the client's product is in a really, really ugly bottle? Leverage it. If it's this industrial looking, it must work. Somehow the client let us do it. Lots of awards. 

Adams-Dogs are color blind.jpg
Adams-really strong fleas.jpg

Well, and then once the client notices that you're calling their bottle ugly you can still do good advertising. 

Hurd window ad.012.jpg

When life gives you lemons...like a brief that wants you to talk about "better glass clarity" (c'mon, seriously?) somehow we found a benefit.