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BOB Gear makes rugged strollers that are wildly sought after, however their functional benefits were being challenged by competitors and other than the steep cost of a BOB, there wasn't much difference. What they needed was an emotional platform and a new look. 

Research revealed  parents who wanted their kids to grow up to be adventurous and gritty. We branded BOB Gear as the Explorer archetype and created fresh work that gave BOB an emotional platform.  

BOB_Magic Lab Idea_01-2019_FINAL 6.jpg
BOB_Magic Lab Idea_01-2019_FINAL 8.jpg

BOB strollers are so rugged that they last a long time. The result was one of BOB's biggest competitors is used BOB strollers. It turns out the used market was cutting into the sales of new strollers.


We designed a trade-in program that allowed parents to trade in their old BOB and new parents to buy a refurb BOB at a discounted price.  

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